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Training to Win 2020 focused on helping Democratic activists navigate challenges in traditional grassroots and field organizing that have arisen due to the pandemic. Training topics focused on virtual programs, relational organizing, and advanced voter engagement, all geared to help increase the total number of voters reached and volunteers recruited in 2020.

Our joint organizing committee represented more than a dozen organizations currently working on electoral action. The event brought together many veteran grassroots leaders and organization co-founders who helped bring about the 2018 midterm election victory. 


This three-hour virtual conference showcased a series of training seminars, modules, and discussions focused on winning big this November. We're grateful for and humbled by the collaboration between so many inspiring, iconic organizations and look forward to working together in the final 100 days: training to action and training to win.

Dynamic Virtual Training Conference covered a variety of workshop topics identified by our campaign leaders as key pandemic-time hurdles faced by grassroots groups and volunteer activists.  The event includd multiple workshop tracks--something for every level of engagement, from beginning volunteer to seasoned organizer.

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Programs for Democratic volunteers to leverage personal relationships to widen their overall reach.

Advance Voter Engagement

Review of various deep canvassing phone banking techniques, including: 1) Advanced persuasion, 2) Integrated upsell asks.

Developing your Final 100 Day Plan

With less than a 100 Days until ballots drop, we must be intentional with our time and energy. We will cover best practices in developing your 100 day field plan for your group and for yourself.

Virtual Electoral  Strategies

Due to the pandemic, we've made changes in the kinds of programs that can be implemented by activists and group leaders. We will review the virtual strategies that have proven to be effective.

Mission of Training to Win 2020
Training on Effective Pandemic Strategies Training to Action
Training to Flip the Senate & Whitehouse

The Case for a Joint Training Conference: Since the disappointing results from the May 12th special election in California's Congressional District 25, many  campaign groups have been reworking field plans, strategies, and programs to meet the specific needs of this moment. Some of these pivots include significant changes to not only how our campaigns operate virtually, but how grassroots groups and individual volunteers engage voters during the pandemic. Not having house parties or neighbor-to-neighbor precinct walking has impacted our ability to grow our volunteer base, despite it being a presidential election cycle. 

Therefore, we recommend adapting and transforming traditional field teams and programs--more virtual, more personal, more effective. We all need to adopt best practices in virtual organizing, relational organizing programs, and advanced voter engagement.

​The Final 100 Days are Here: As we near November 3rd, we're hoping that Training to Win 2020 has served as a kick-off point for group leaders and volunteer activists to commit to steady electoral action from now until Election Day. One of the pledges we hope group leaders and volunteer activists commit to is the Final 100 Day Pledge: I Will Participate in or Co-Host at Least One Virtual Phone Bank Event Per Week in the Final 100 Days.

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